Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Otis the Japanese Chin

I'm starting a blog about my wonderful little furry baby, Otis! Otis is a white and black Japanese Chin. Have you seen the movie 2012? Well "Caesar" is a red and white Japanese Chin. Now, if you don't know much about this lovable and delightful breed, listen up...

Let's look at the history

The Japanese Chin’s origin and development in its native land of China is wrapped in royalty and adoration. They were bred for the sole purpose of accompanying the ladies of the Imperial Palace and warming the laps of Chinese aristocracy. There are illustrations on ancient pottery and embroideries that are centuries old, and evidence suggests that one could not purchase a Chin – they were kept in the hands of the nobility and frequently given as gifts of esteem to diplomats and to foreigners who rendered some outstanding service to Japan.

Personality of a Chin

The Japanese Chin is a sensitive and intelligent breed whose only purpose is to serve man as a companion. Agile and playful, they can be taught to perform tricks and like to show off to an audience of friends. Their coat varies in size and length, but most are white with black markings. They can also be white and red. The Japanese Chin is a bright, alert and playful breed. An affectionate and devoted family companion, this breed loves everyone it is familiar with, but may be reserved around strangers and in unfamiliar situations. Their small size makes them ideal for an apartment, but they still enjoy the opportunity to play in an open yard.


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  2. chins are a fun loving breed that is very intelligent and can be manipulitive when it comes to food at first i was very reserved about these little dogs but after a few short months our little guy had us both eating out of his little furry paw id like to see a video clip on here showing some of their tricks because they really are super smart

  3. Chins are the best! My two boss me around all day long but are sooo worth it! They also asked me (told me) to say Hello to Otis and Zoe!!

  4. Update! Otis is officially a daddy! Having two little girls delivered on November 1st 2011. I’ve posted a couple of pics at the top...more coming soon:)

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